Life Insurance



  • Economical: An easily affordable installment, either monthly or yearly, will provide a very substantial bequest to KLF (see example).
  • Tax Benefit: Your contributions, made in the form of insurance premiums, are tax deductible as charitable gifts. The entire amount of the insured bequest goes tax-free to charity.
  • Preserve your Estate: Protect your Heirs: The bequest is paid by a life insurance contract, not out of your Estate.
  • Privacy: Your gift of life insurance is not on public record. if you wish, you can keep compete confidentiality.
  • Non-Contestable: Since your bequest is not part of your Will or Estate, no one can question or contest your intentions.
  • Guaranteed: The FULL AMOUNT you wish to bequeath goes to Kingdom Life Financial, because it is in the form of life insurance , regardless of when you die or the amount of money remaining in your Estate.
  • Flexible: We have access to a variety of insurance plans. One which suits your individual needs can be arranged (Some without medicals).
  • Easy to set up: All arrangements can be made efficiently and effectively through Kingdom Life Financial.

How the Plan works:

  1. The usual method is for you to agree with Kingdom Life Financial on an annual amount you are able to give. KLF will then take out an insurance contract of your life, with premiums in the amount of your pledge or gift. KLF pays the premium and issues a receipts to you for tax purposes in the amount that you have contributed. The formalities involved are uncomplicated.
  2. If you prefer, you may purchase a life insurance contract yourself and endorse it to KLF. You continue to pay the premiums to the insurance company and you will receive tax deductible receipts from KLF.
  3. A third method is for you to establish a "trust" to be held by KLF with the "trust" owning the policy. This method is a little more complex and can be explained by KLF.
  4. The contract may, at your option, contain a Waiver of Premium benefit. This ensures that the plan would be maintained if, because of disability, you become unable to continue paying premiums.
  5. At the time of your death, the full value of the insurance contract is paid to KLF - immediately and in cash. This form of bequest is completely independent of your Will and forms no part of your Estate.

Example: A $25,000 Life Insurance Bequest (sample rates as of December 3, 2014)

Donor: Male, age 55, non-smoker, annual premium:  $684 (58.79/month)

Donor: Female, age 55, non-smoker, annual premium:  $570 (49.05/month)

Donor: Male, age 65, non-smoker, annual premium:  $1139 (97.75/month)

Donor: Female, age 65, non-smoker, annual premium: $972  (83.43/month)

Annual Tax-Deductible Premium:
Tax deductibility of all charitable donations is subject to the limit set by income tax regulation.

Rates are subject to change.