Manhattan Beach Retreat Centre

mbrc retreat centreManhattan Beach Retreat Centre (MBRC) has been providing summer camping experiences for over 75 years. Summer family camps, generational (youth, kids, seniors) camps and church, community and family reunion groups have benefited from that visionary investment in the land in 1939. In the mid 1980's the camp governance structure was overhauled and a rebirth of the camp began with a vision towards a greater benefit for the churches and community. Renewing and expanding capacity of existing accommodation and church facilities began in earnest in the mid 1980's and carried on into 2000's. However a bigger vision existed to not only renew the existing but to prepare MBRC to provide year round facilities. However a big vision required even bigger finances, beyond what could be raised and completed in a few years.

In 2006 with the completion of the year round Retreat Centre, kitchen, dining and meeting facility, MBRC required mortgage financing for $280,000 on the $750,000 facility. This facility has been a key step in expanding the camping season from May until October. While the physical buildings were now ready, support systems, primarily the sewer system, required upgrading to meet environmental regulations and to provide year round disposal. The MBRC Board developed a funding scheme to pay for the system through dedicated levies on private accommodations and rentals, a financing mechanism was required. The new system includes 4 km of piping to the municipal lagoon and a pumping system. This system was installed and mortgaged in 2012.

Working with Kingdom Life Financial was a straightforward and smooth process. "With a ministry minded investment organization like KLF there is no language, terminology or missions misunderstandings. With KLF having a understanding of the ministry aspects of the organization helped not only with the approval but helps with the ongoing processes of renewal and future goals" says Craig B. Doerksen, Executive Director.

After over 8 years of experience working with KLF, MBRC sees that the relationship will continue, furthering the Christian camping experience for many more generations.

Retreat Centre

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Retreat Centre inside

MBRC Retreat Centre inside 640