Christian Life Assembly

cla outside smallIn the spring of 2013, Christian Life Assembly was less than one year away from being mortgage free. While that was quite an accomplishment, our building was in need of some upgrading. The carpet and some windows needed to be replaced, the kitchens were lacking function, and the exterior needed some refreshing. We approached Kingdom Life Financial for a loan to be able to complete these projects in a short period of time instead of trying to do them over several years. The loan was approved and the renovations began.

The entire building received new carpeting and the upstairs was painted, both kitchens were redone, the exterior received new brick accents, new siding was added, and ten windows plus blinds were replaced!

It has been a huge blessing to our church. It is also a positive sign to our community letting them know that we take care of our building and that things are happening here.


Outside Before

cla outide before

Outside After

cla outside after

Kitchen Before

cla kitchen before 1

Kitchen Before

cla kitchen fefore 2

Kitchen After

cla kitchen after 1

Kitchen After

cla kitchen after 2